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Radial shock waves / trigger point shock waves


  • speeding up the healing process
  • reduction of pain
  • improving the function of the tissue structure
  • positive effect on tonicity


Used for (e.g.):

  • tennis elbow and golf elbow (epicondylitis)
  • problems with the Achilles tendon
  • shoulder problems (e.g. Frozen Shoulder)
  • heel spur
  • trigger points
  • etc.

Kinesio Taping


  • improvement of muscle and joint pains
  • decongestion of capillary and lymphatic vessels
  • activation of the body’s own defences and healing powers


Used for (e.g.):

  • injuries of ligaments and tendons
  • muscle injury and muscle tension
  • problems with Achilles tendon
  • sports injuries
  • problems with scars
  • corrections of posture (everyday and professional life)
  • etc.

Clinicmaster BCR (Micro Current Electricity Therapy)

- Biolocial Cell Regeneration -


  • speeding up recovery
  • pain relief
  • improvement of lymph drainage (detoxication of tissue)
  • direct impact on affected tissue

Used for (e.g.):

  • supportive measure for spinal problems
  • injuries of ligaments and tendons
  • arthrosis and arthritis (also for general problems with joints)
  • vegetative balance and regeneration (with increased stress at work and sports)
  • chronic disorders
  • etc.

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